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Be Thankful!

On Monday July 22nd early in the morning, I was awakened by a phone call from our security company. They reported that various alarms were going off in our building. I told I would be there in a few minutes. As I was expecting to find an attempted break in of our building, I was shocked to encounter all the smoke, from blocks away. My heart leaped into my throat as I turned onto our street and, from a distance, could see the flames silhouetting our 3 story building. I was able to get close enough to determine that it wasn’t actually our building on fire, but the building next door. We share an entire city block and their building covers half of that block, from curb to curb. To say it was a large fire and a little too close for comfort is an understatement, to say the least.

I cannot thank the firefighters enough for their efforts and cannot imagine on a hot night, what they must have endured in their heavy and hot equipment. For the first four hours, it was so hot and intense, I did not think the firefighters would be able to save our building. Only their relentless, dedicated, hard work prevented us from having a total loss. It appeared every piece of equipment they had was on the scene and they pounded that building, as well as ours and other nearby buildings and residences with water for over 30 straight hours. Not to mention they returned several times a day, for over a week, to keep fighting the “hotspots” that would flair up.

Even though we will be recovering for quite some time, I am thankful our damage was not much worse. I must congratulate all our employees for coming together and doing everything they could, so that our customers were not inconvenienced with any long delays. I also have to thank our customers for their patience, as we get back to normal operations.

We are still here and would be thankful to see you, if you are considering a sunroom!

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