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Another Crazy Year!

As usual, it's been another challenging year. We had a later start than usual, not so much due to the temperatures, but because of all the snow we received. In a lot of cases, we could not get our materials to the back yard, as people were unable to keep up with the snow, or had nowhere else to put it.

Once the snow melted enough for us to start working, it was difficult to stay on schedule. We lost quite a bit of time to the rains we experienced during May, June and July. On top of that, it seemed if it wasn’t raining, we were being buffeted by gale force winds, which also hampers our installation crews.

Being my last column of the year, I would like to thank some people for their support. First, would be our customers, who not only entrust us to work on their homes, but also help us with referrals and promoting the company. Second, would be our suppliers who ensure we have the materials required to keep all our guys (and gals) working.

But most importantly, I have to thank all the staff! From the designers who always strive to envision and plan the best possible "dream room" for our clients, to our inside staff who work diligently in the background to support our installers. Finally, to the installers themselves, who battle the elements every day trying to stay on schedule. It's amazing how much they accomplish in such a short building season. We are fortunate to have such a tight knit group of people that work as a team to provide our clients with a great product and personalized service.

Although our weather is so unpredictable, I should not complain. If the weather was perfect, who would need our services? Our clients not only enjoy the control they have during inclement weather, but they are also able to use these spaces so much longer than just a deck alone! If you would like to improve your lifestyle, give us a call at (204) 940-3030 for more information. Sunrooms - the best way to be outdoors!

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