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Everyone I speak with lately is talking about what else – Covid. This spring it looked like things were loosening up but here we are again, under restrictions and limited on where and what we can do, and who we can see.

Turns out, getting out and about and spending quality time with family and friends can be quite important to our emotional state of well being. All of these restrictions and worrisome news about Covid has a lot of people in a concerned and anxious state, with some people even suffering from outright depression, which is what I would like to comment on.

A number of years ago, a past customer of ours commented on how she enjoyed reading my articles (at least I know someone is reading them). She also mentioned that I should consider writing about the health aspects of owning a sunroom. Prior to having her sunroom, she stated that she would often suffer periods of depression but since having her sunroom, she experienced it much more infrequently! When you think about it, how do they often treat depression? Light therapy! Which is exactly what you have in a sunroom - lots of light (and lots of fresh air)! This is one of the intangible benefits (aside from being mosquito free and out of the rain and wind), that makes owning a sunroom such an investment in your lifestyle. So when you get tired (and depressed) of sitting inside the house wishing you could spend time outdoors, give us a call at (204) 940-3030 or visit us at 265 Sutherland Ave. and we will show you how you can enjoy life more and have a much "sunnier" disposition.

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