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Recently I overheard an interesting conversation between one of our designers and a client. He told the client that the sunroom he was considering was actually free! And he's right!

How can a company stay in business by providing free products? Of course, we have to charge for our products (just like anybody else), but in reality, people do get their money back (or a big portion of it)! When we install a sunroom on their home, the value of their home increases. There are many variables in real estate, but in most cases, when people sell, they will recover the cost of the sunroom.

When my sunroom was installed, I had the bank do an appraisal just before and just after the installation and according to the bank, I would have recovered more than the retail cost of the sunroom. Since I still live in the home and don't plan on moving, the value of that room appreciates, just as the house does. Even if the homes in your area sell for the same price (no matter what the improvements), there's still a value. Every home on that street could be for sale but one with the sunroom will most likely sell first. Never mind all the other benefits.

People enjoy these rooms so much that even if they don't recover the full value of their sunroom when they sell, it's still a priority on their new home. Once they have had a sunroom, if they sell their home, the first thing they do is plan for a new sunroom. So far the record is 6 sunrooms for one client!

If you'd like info on your own "free" sunroom call us at 204-940-3030 or stop by our factory (265 Sutherland Ave.) for a tour.

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