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Here Today and Here Tomorrow... Really Means a Lot!

Here Today and Here Tomorrow... Really Means a Lot!

During one of our busiest seasons ever our designers have spoken to a lot of people who have concerns about who they should be dealing with. For over 40 years we’ve been in business, many sunroom companies have come and gone, and many times people have told us how they had booked jobs, paid deposits or even full price (to get an additional discount) and then the company went out of business leaving them with nothing! There are usually some "Red Flags" to watch for so you can avoid these pitfalls.

When shopping beware of the "trash talkers" - if they can't sell their own product based on its merit - something is wrong. If they keep pestering you, are they really concerned about you or just desperate for business? Are they being realistic when they promise to do the job in just a few weeks. At this time of year we are normally pre-booked between 10-12 weeks but this year we are probably looking towards the end of our construction season. 

Be cautious about "freebies" or "buy now promotions" that are designed to force you into a quick decision. No company will stay in business long by working for nothing! A 10-15% deposit should be sufficient unless the company has to pay for material up front - but do you want to deal with someone who can't get credit?  Check with the Better Business Bureau to find out about their track record (if there is no information about them they probably are not a member).Also make sure they obtain a building permit and check it - before they start!   And remember - warranties don't mean much if the company isn't there to honour them. The old adage holds true - if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.

A reputable company will assist you in the planning stages and give you the time and information to make a knowledgeable decision. If you would like any further information visit our display at 265 Sutherland Ave. or call us at 204-940-3030 for a free in home estimate.

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