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Purchasing a Sunroom (Part 2)

Last article, tips were given about how to shop for a sunroom. In this issue I will cover the next step, the agreement.

A written contract protects both you and the company. It should be very detailed but also understandable. If you are unsure what it is you are signing…DON’T. Never sign a blank or partially completed form and make sure you get a copy for your records.

The contract should contain a complete description of the work to be done, the materials to be used, and a measured drawing. It should also have the full name, address, and phone number of both the company and the homeowner. Any subsequent changes must be in writing, initialed, and added to the contract. The financial terms must be very clear as to the down payment (10-15% is reasonable), and when the balance is to be paid.

An important detail is obtaining a building permit. Permits will ensure your Sunroom is being built to building codes and not encroaching on your neighbor’s property. Failure to get one can cost a lot of money later and you run the risk of having to remove the room altogether. There is also the question of what impact it has on your house insurance. If a company tells you permits are not required, or are a needless expense, it may be an indication the workmanship or product they offer does not measure up to standards created to protect the public.

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