3 Season Sunrooms - Glastar Sunrooms by SunShade

3 Season Sunrooms

Relax in the splendor of the great outdoors, without pesky insects, wind, rain, or snow in a 3 Season Glastar Sunroom. Our extremely versatile system utilizes modular components, our unique “floatation” system, along with various combinations of glass, screen, and maintenance free aluminum to create a custom designed room that is both functional and luxurious.

A bright and panoramic view is created from the large 3’ and 4’ wide panels. Constructed of aluminum, screen, and glass the Glastar does not absorb odors or moisture (unlike wood construction) and as a result you feel as if you are always outdoors. Many of our sunroom design layouts feature angled wall sections - that can soften the shape and give it a design feature.

The 3 Season Glastar Sunroom has been designed for use typically from March thru to November. The 3 Season Sunroom can be designed with a flat, sloped, or gable/peaked style roof line to match existing building structures. Available colors for the sunroom framing are white, ivory and brown.

Feature Benefit
Certified floatation system engineered for soil movement - no piles required Accommodates normal expansion, contraction, and stress created by movement of the building or building or ground area
Tempered Safety Glass - featured in all glazed areas of the sunroom Five times the strength of regular annealed window glass, does not break in to jagged pieces instead into little pebble-like pieces
Three and Four foot standard panel widths Creates a panoramic view space
Sliding ventilation panels with large functional screen sections Create air movement inside sunroom through proper design
Durable Aluminum Construction Maintenance free - adds value to home
Concealed internal fastening system Eliminates unsightly screws, rivet, brackets or nails.
Custom built panel heights on every sunroom we design and install Matches to home profile and ensures maximum air flow over entire wall (no filler sections without screen to trap air)
Heavy duty sliding doors with sealed dual nylon tandem rollers with stainless steel bearings Ensures consistent sliding performance and durability, nylon rollers on aluminum railing will not promote friction and wear
Channel Lock Pile Weather Stripping Reduces air and dust infiltration
Positive Dry Seal Window Construction State-of-the-art glazing technique available in top grade windows
Sloped Tracking Allows for moisture and water to channel out
Elevated 1.5" high door and panel sills Increased capacity protection for severe rainfall
Uniquely Engineered Aluminum Walls 1" in thickness More usable space, lightweight yet strong
10" Interlocking Metal Roof with a 3" interlock Strongest roof in the industry, can match any building design
Insulated Roof System designed for all snow load conditions Structural roof that is cooler in summer, warmer in spring and fall
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