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Why Choose a Sunroom?

Outdoor spaces provide visual, emotional and sometimes spiritual comfort. As is the case with indoor spaces, physical comfort in outdoor spaces is always very important. Designers and architects have stressed the importance of bringing the outdoors inside for years using French doors, skylights and large window sections. The trend today is to bring the indoors out by designing outdoor spaces that are just as comfortable as those inside the house.

All Glastar Sunroom additions add value to your home and property but most importantly they add tremendous value to your lifestyle. Quality materials and design assure a clean, rich appearance both inside and out. Designed and manufactured for our Manitoba climate a Glastar Sunroom is a maintenance free addition.

Bring the beauty and splendor of the great outdoors to your doorstep. A Glastar Sunroom addition will allow you to feel like you are outside with all the comfort and control of being inside. A showcase to nature, your Glastar Sunroom creates a warm inviting atmosphere to enjoy natural sunlight, entertain family and friends, or just sit back and relax.

Imagine a lively evening with your family and friends dining "outdoors" without the threat of pesky bugs, wind, rain or snow. There is nothing like fresh air to build up an appetite or settle in for a relaxing retreat. A properly designed sunroom will provide the best of both the sun and shade. We design each sunroom specifically for your location to take advantage of sun exposure and airflows.
With each passing year it seems sunrooms become even more popular in Manitoba. Due to our climate having long sunny days, sunrooms are in high demand. When the company first started it was the mosquitoes that were the main reason people wanted sunrooms. Now it's more about trying to lengthen the time you can enjoy the outdoors.

For over 40 years our customers have enjoyed their sunrooms for many different reasons, here are a few of them:

  • Extended Outdoor Summer Living – through proper design, a Glastar Sunroom can be used fully over our 3 Seasons.
  • Additional Space - compared to standard construction additions, our Glastar Sunroom additions provide a cost-effective way to gain that extra living space you need. 
  • Maintenance Free - don't feel like re-painting or staining, unlike a wood framed deck or gazebo structure, a Glastar Sunroom constructed from aluminum - will never rust, rot, or require any painting. 
  • Relaxing Retreat - as our daily lives become hectic you can look forward to your own quite peaceful oasis to wind down and recharge at the end of your busy day. An outdoor space provides visual, emotional and spiritual comfort. As a separate area from the rest of your home - a Glastar Sunroom can be your private retreat of tranquility for reading, relaxing, or even a peaceful nap or snooze. 
  • Insect Free Zone – even though you feel that you are “outside” a Glastar Sunroom will keep the mosquitoes, wasps, flies and other insects out - as they should be!
  • Dining Room – all your meals will taste better in the fresh, open area, provided by a Glastar Sunroom – whether it’s you and your morning coffee or your evening dinner with family and friends. Go ahead and plan your get-together, party, or special event, assured you will be protected from all the elements.
  • Hot Tub Room - through the years we have been involved in hundreds of projects where hot tubs are installed inside the sunroom; many of our customers will use their hot tub year-round. The sunroom construction lends itself to a hot tub installation as it does not absorb any moisture and will provide large screen areas for airflow. 
  • Increased Property Value/Return on Investment – by adding valuable living space to your home, improving overall house appearance and function, and enhancing your back yard – a Glastar Sunroom is always a wise investment.
  • Pet Room - have a dog or a cat? Your beloved pet will enjoy the feeling of being outdoors as much as you will. Over the years, countless pet owners have told us how much their dog or cat enjoys being in the sunroom. We have installed many 'pet doors' inside our sunroom walls to provide the pet access in and out of the sunroom. 
  • Access to Fresh Air - do you feel cooped up being indoors all the time? A Glastar Sunroom gives you instant access to fresh air that will provide you with more energy and a better sleep. 
  • Family Time Together - family time together these days is precious, enjoy it together in everyone's favorite outdoor sunroom space enjoying meals, games, and other activities.
  • Plant Room - Plants thrive in the sun-filled expanse of a Glastar Sunroom – while seedlings enjoy an early start on life.
  • Home Comfort - by providing a “buffer zone” between your home and the outdoors – a Glastar Sunroom can actually reduce heat bills as well as keeping your home cooler in the summer.
  • TV Room - as most sunroom projects will involve lighting and electrical outlets, bringing some of your favourite electrical appliances from the house into the sunroom will bring all the comforts of being inside while feeling as if you are outside. Many customers have plugged in: fans, heaters, reading lamps, radios, laptops, fridges, televisions, and the odd blender for your favorite beverage, smoothie anyone? 
  • Pool/Spa Area - impervious to moisture – a Glastar Sunroom is a great spa or poolside room away from bugs and wind.
  • Odor Free Room – because a Glastar Sunroom doesn’t absorb smoke or odors, it remains fresh and clean.
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