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Unique Glastar Sunroom Features

When SunShade Products started the sunroom industry in Manitoba in the 1970’s, we knew that we had to come up with a design that would work with the toughest soil and weather conditions in the world. We knew if we designed a product that would work with Manitoba soil and climate conditions - it would work anywhere!

The extreme movement of soil in Manitoba is due to being situated on a pre-historic lakebed. The soil consists mostly of “gumbo” and tends to expand when wet and contract when dry. In winter these conditions are more extreme because of moisture content and varying frost levels in the ground.

Recognizing these facts we developed a system that would compensate for ground movement thereby eliminating any broken glass, twisted panels or pulling away of the structure where it joins the home. This "floatation system", as it is known, was tested and certified by independent engineers and then submitted to the City of Winnipeg engineers for approval. Once it had been approved for our "gumbo" it was a simple matter to get certified for the various provinces as well as some of the Northern United States.

Floatation Design

In normal construction shims are used so windows and doors can move without breakage. With an all metal and glass room, shims were not an option. Glastar Sunroom System’s unique "floatation" design has been engineered specifically for soil movement. Every panel has its own tracking which allows it to move up, down, or sideways when there is soil movement. The panels actually float independently of the main structure. In all the years that SunShade has used the Glastar "floatation" system no one has ever had any broken glass or a twisted panel from deck or building movement (although probably 99% of the decks or buildings in Manitoba have moved).

Not only does the "floatation system" ensure a beautiful, everlasting installation, it eliminates disrupting existing decks, fences and landscaping in order to get in the large machinery to dig the piles. It also eliminates the mess (piles of mud) and speeds up the installation (no concrete to cure). As a matter of fact the average job will take only two to three days to complete.

No Piles Required

As with any type of construction, it is important to start with a solid foundation. As a result of the "floatation" design each Glastar Sunroom System has been engineered and approved for a surface mount, non-piled foundation-utilizing a wooden deck with adjustable tele-posts on concrete pads - no piles are required!

If your current deck is supported by concrete or steel piles or you would prefer to have concrete or steel piles installed —no problem, you will still reap all the key benefits of the Glastar Sunroom System's unique Floatation design if either the building or deck foundation moves (unless you are piling down to bedrock, there is no guarantee against movement).


The Glastar Sunroom System roof (the strongest roof in the industry) is totally manufactured in our factory. It is made of 10 inch metal pans with a 3 inch interlock on both sides, giving the effect of an I-beam every 10 inches. All roofs are custom designed and built to specifications in any width or projection. A distinct feature of the white roof is the baked on enamel paint that reflects light back into the home.  Roofs are available flat, sloped, or gabled to follow the design of the house.  The roof is insulated with 3” rigid foam, sheathed with plywood, and covered with a protective white steel skin and aluminum baton caps or typical asphalt shingles (to match the house). Available options for the Glastar roof are ceiling fans, lighting, electrical components and wiring that can be concealed within the cavity of the pan for a clean and efficient installation without ever piercing the exterior skin of the roof.

Wood Deck

Wood decks have proven to be the best application for our sunroom or enclosure systems, as well as the least expensive. If you already have a wood deck, we will determine if any alterations will be required to bring it up to code. If you have no deck, we will build one for you or provide you with a material list and easy-to-follow instructions for you to construct your own deck. Our decks are attached directly to the home, built to code, and set on adjustable tele-posts on concrete pads. Typically for our 3 Season Glastar Sunrooms we will insulate the deck area. Insulating your deck will allow you  to be more comfortable in the sunroom earlier in the spring and later into the fall.

In-House Installers

SunShade employs in-house sunroom installers only. All installers are factory trained and installing Glastar Sunrooms is all they do, this specialization allows them to excel at their craft and guarantees the best possible installation. Our head installer started with the company in 1979 and has likely installed more sunrooms than anyone in Canada. The skill and depth of experience in all our installers ensures you that your sunroom will be installed with the same care and workmanship found in every Glastar installation.


The most important aspect of any guarantee is the company that stands behind its product. As a family business in the industry for over 46 years we know that we have looked after and satisfied each and every customer we have dealt with. Each Glastar Sunroom by SunShade Products Ltd. is accompanied by a written guarantee of 5 years on workmanship, and 5 years on the baked on enamel paint finish. 


It is not always easy to establish quality and value. So often decisions are based on appearance only, or limited information resulting in disappointments later.
When considering the purchase of a lifetime enjoyment outdoor living center, continuing service and long lasting features mean quality and value for your money. GLASTAR’S engineering, advanced design features, expert manufacturing and skilled installation guarantee quality and value.

The following questions are helpful in being sure you make the right choice:

  • Is the company experienced in manufacturing and installing sunroom systems?
  • Are the installers properly trained with experience in installing sunrooms in Manitoba?
  • Is the enclosure and installation guaranteed?
  • Does the sunroom incorporate a floatation system that protects against damage and twisting caused by natural soil movement?
  • Is the design sufficiently flexible to allow for suitable combinations or future additions?
  • Is quality of construction and materials used acceptable (safety glass, extruded tracking etc.)?
  • Does the manufacturer use a Concealed Internal Fastening System with stainless screws for a stronger structure and streamlined appearance?
  • Does the manufacturer use Channel Lock Pile Weather- stripping on the panels for reduction of air and dust infiltration?
  • Are the windows a Positive Seal Construction (a state-of-the-art glazing technique available in top grade windows)?
  • Does the manufacturer use sealed, steel ball bearing rollers for smooth easy action in the patio doors and operator panels?
  • Does the manufacturer provide as standard components, Heavy Duty sliding patio screen door and door hardware?
  • Does the manufacturer provide a choice of designs for roof systems to enable matching of building architecture?
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