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After The Show

Last weekend we participated in the Home and Garden Show at the Convention Center and as usual, there was a recurring theme. Over the years many sunroom companies have come and gone. Some due to inferior products not designed for our climate, some from poor business practices and some from just plain lack of experience. Clients of these companies often inquire if we can service their sunrooms. While we would like to help them, unless they are replacing it with our product, we don’t have the same parts, time or manpower to accommodate them all. Often, the effort required just isn’t worth the results. Many have heard the old adage “you can’t make a silk purse from a sows ear!”

It was nice however, to visit with our past clients, who stopped by and would extoll the benefits of a sunroom to prospective customers. One lady exclaimed “Three seasons? I use mine just about all year!” Another commented how they enjoyed Christmas day in their sunroom, with just a small space heater. We tell people that from minus 10 to 15, with the sun shining on the windows, they will be able to use the sunroom. Our clients would often interject they have used it when it was much colder. Sometimes I love to be wrong.

The point is, most people don’t realize how a properly designed three season sunroom (built in Manitoba for our climate) extends their outdoor living season and quality of life. That’s why our clients are so eager to stop and talk about their rooms. It’s like having thousands of good will ambassadors extolling the virtues of our product.

Most of our jobs bring us 3 to 5 referrals, so we remain quite busy. If you are considering your own sunroom and would like to beat the Spring rush, call (204) 940-3030 for a free design and estimate, and/or visit our factory for a tour!

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