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Recent News

Another Crazy Year!

As usual, it's been another challenging year. We had an early start to the year with the nice Spring weather and many people commented that the lack of rain must have been good for our installers. The answer was yes and no! With little rain, the guys were able to work steadily, but the [...] Read Entire Article

What is flotation?

In one of the Home Sections, a reader wrote in to the Ask the Inspector column with a question in regards to a flotation sunroom versus a piled sunroom. The author of the column went on to provide some good points about sunrooms built on a piled structure as well as sunrooms built on [...] Read Entire Article


Although September is almost over, the temperatures were pretty nice this week, making it hard to believe Fall is here. Although the nice Spring weather allowed us an early start to the season, we had some exceptionally hot weather throughout the Summer. Although we’ve had few rain delays, the [...] Read Entire Article

A History of Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures

Although I have been involved in a family business that has been researching, developing, manufacturing and installing sunrooms for over 40 years, it has only been in the last 15-20 years that the sunrooms have become so popular. "Outdoor living" is not generally [...] Read Entire Article

Not Just Mosquitoes

Although we haven't had many mosquitoes this summer, it has been replaced by another winged menace - the wasp! After several of our installers have been stung in the last few weeks (and having to call in the exterminators), I decided to look up some facts on wasps. Our most common wasp [...] Read Entire Article
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