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Crazy Weather

Crazy Weather 

As the summer dwindles away our weather remains as unpredictable as ever. The dry summer has left us with quite dry soil conditions. This can cause movement in our soil which also causes problems in all kinds of structures. Being in the sunroom industry we get calls from people who are experiencing problems with their sunrooms ranging from doors and windows that are hard to operate, to glass breaking because of the stress from ground movement. This stress can also cause leakage problems at roof connections. Because we have developed a sunroom system with floatation (the ability to compensate for ground movement) I know these are not my customers. 

 Back in the late 70's very few people had decks or patios, so often, they were added onto the house later and were not on piles. The result was seasonal movement, as well as movement during extremely wet or dry years. Not wanting to remove these decks and disturb fencing, landscaping, etc. to get in the large machinery necessary to install piles (which can also move) we started developing the floatation system. Through years of research and development we were able to design and manufacture a system that could handle this movement -  without the problems. Although this movement must be corrected, it is a simple adjustment as our foundations/decks are equipped with miniature teleposts that can be quickly and easily adjusted. As the system still functions properly (windows and doors still slide smoothly and lock properly) these adjustments are generally only done on extreme years.For example, in the winter when the frost sets in and the ground moves you don't bother to adjust because ninety-nine percent of the time in the spring it will return to normal. 

If you are curious about this made in Manitoba innovation, phone our factory (204 940-3030) for a tour to see how a Glastar sunroom can enhance your lifestyle. As one of our customers recently wrote to us "its like walking into the room for the first time every time."

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