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Crunch Time!


People often assume that our busiest time of the year is the spring. While this may be true (especially after the spring Home Show) the fall is probably not far behind both for sales and installations. While installations are hectic in the spring (as we have so many jobs pre-booked) we never really slow down through summer and at this time of year it becomes a race against time. While we can usually install until the end of October, anything after that we consider to be a bonus. Once it gets too cold or wet it makes doing a proper job tough. So when people ask me if we're winding down it's actually the opposite - we are going full bore.

As far as sales we always have a rush in the fall as people who have had designs and estimates done throughout the summer often decide - why wait another year? Some people think it's not worth getting a room now - with the cold weather coming how much use will they get from a three season room? For the people that know someone with a room they know that while everyone else is cleaning off their decks and storing things away for the winter anyone with a three season sunroom is still enjoying the outdoors and will for quite some time. While I tell our customers they will use their room up to about minus ten, they will tell me that they were in it when it was much colder than that! 

One of the biggest joys in getting a room now is not the use you get now but how much you'll enjoy it in the spring after being cooped up all winter and using your deck comfortably when there is still snow on the ground! All you need is the proper design and a little sun. 

If you would like more information about sunrooms visit our display and factory at 265 Sutherland or call 204-940-3030 for a free, in home estimate. 

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