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Fall Is Here


More than halfway through October, you can tell Fall is here, especially with most of the leaves gone and the cooler temperatures starting to creep in. Since the warm weather didn’t start real early this year and there was a fair bit of rain April and May, I am hoping for a prolonged Fall season. 

Although many businesses can be negatively affected by weather, sometimes it actually helps our business. Between the wet spring and the cool fall it seems that our summer was pretty short this year. While just about every house that has been built in the last ten years has a deck on it, that's a lot of people who end up sitting inside wishing they could be outside. In addition, some of these decks are just about reaching their lifespan and will need maintenance or repairs and a lot of people are looking for an alternative. 

Being that it has not been a great year for decks, anyone that enclosed their deck was still able to enjoy that space which, besides the mosquito problem, is one of the biggest reasons for getting a sunroom. It gives you all the control over the elements while still getting the feeling you're outside. Even during a year like this you will still get to enjoy your deck for eight to ten months or more. Compare that to how many days a regular deck can be used and it starts to become an even better investment. 

If you are considering a sunroom in your future there is no better time than now to start your homework. By booking this fall you will be able to get a room next spring before the big rush and you will also lock in your pricing and avoid price increases which usually occur in the Spring as we replenish our stock.

If you would like more info, visit our display and factory at 265 Sutherland Ave. or for a free design and estimate call us at 204-940-3030.

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