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Finally Nice Weather!!!

Until this week, we haven’t had a lot of nice Spring weather. What happened to global warming? Thankfully, we seem to be getting back to normal temperatures.

There are many variables that can cause delays and weather is one the biggest. From April to June we can lose almost a month to Spring rains and high winds. In order to keep the installers productive, it is sometimes necessary to reschedule jobs and shuffle the factory's production, which can be challenging during our short building season. The installers often work through the weekends to make up lost time.

If you're considering a sunroom, what does this mean? You might need to be patient! We've been pre-booking jobs since last Fall, so it takes time to catch up. If someone tells you they can install a custom built sunroom in 6 to 8 weeks, at this time of year, be careful, how and why is this possible?  

A little wait now is certainly worth it once the bugs are out or when we get cooler temperatures such as earlier this Spring. We tell people, during the colder months when the sun is low and shines on the glass, you can enjoy the room to about 15 below with no additional heat. Our customers frequently tell us they have used it in much colder temperatures. Meanwhile, in the summer when the sun is higher in the sky, the roof offers shade and the ventilating panels provide air flow so the room isn't too warm, giving you a safe haven from the mosquitoes and the wild winds we have been experiencing.

If you would like more information about the benefits of a sunroom or a tour of our factory and display (265 Sutherland Ave.) Give us a call at 204-940-3030. Tell them the Sunroom Guy sent you!

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