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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day Weekend to all. 

It’s nice to have the warm weather of late and we did need the rain that we’ve received the last couple weeks but the only downfall is that the combination of moisture and warm temperatures often creates conditions that are perfect for mosquitoes. 

When the mosquito population explodes, so do sales in the sunroom industry. It seems that people reach their breaking point and decide to invest in a sunroom (and their sanity). This year however, it was already very busy and now the orders are really piling up. Our clients that already have their sunrooms are happy they can be "outside" still enjoying their enclosed decks while anyone else with open decks hasn't really used them much yet. Our clients that haven't had their rooms installed yet are now really looking forward to their rooms. 

We usually get rooms installed in 8 - 12 weeks from time of order (depending on the time of year) while now we are probably between 11-13 weeks. The point is this - if you are fed up with the weather and bugs, you want to start doing your homework now!  If you think, or someone tells you that you can have your room in a few weeks - think again!  Everyone in the industry is busy and I would be cautious about anyone that promises a quick delivery - they may be playing on your emotions.

If they are not that busy I would question - why? 

Even if it takes a little later in the summer to get your room, you have to remember that, all of a sudden, your summer will be so much longer as most people will use a three season sunroom into November and even December in some cases. It really is worth the wait! 

If you would like more information on how to make your summers more enjoyable call us at 204-940-3030 for a free design and estimate or visit our factory and display at 265 Sutherland Ave. Next Father’s Day the mosquitoes will be disappointed you did!


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