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Not Just Mosquitoes

Not Just Mosquitoes 

Although we haven't had many mosquitoes this summer, it has been replaced by another winged menace - the wasp! After several people I know were stung this week I decided to look up some facts on wasps. Our most common wasp is known as the yellow jacket. 

Every spring a solitary female or queen emerges from hibernation and builds a small nest for the first generation of workers that she raises herself. After that the workers take over supplying food and materials for the queen to lay more eggs as well as continually building the nest bigger throughout the year. In the fall newly mated females will hibernate for the winter while the rest of the colony including the old queen perish. 

Because the wasp's stinger is barbless and doesn't pull out they can sting multiple times and produce a chemical that helps other wasps locate you. They are attracted to bright colors, hairspray, perfumes and colognes, various food and drinks as well as garbage. The venom in their sting can be quite painful as well as dangerous for anybody that has developed allergies to their sting. Although they can attack when unprovoked they will usually not attack unless disturbed or unless they feel threatened. I have also been bitten, not stung, by wasps looking for food. 

There are various sprays available for killing the wasps and this should be done late in the evening or early in the morning when most of the wasps will be in the nest. If using a flashlight set it somewhere to point at the nest but don't hold it because if the wasps escape they will be attracted to the light. Any of the pest control companies can recommend removal techniques and products or will remove them for you. 

While mosquitoes have always been a factor as to why people want to enclose decks and patios the wasps are also doing their part. If you would like information about enclosing a space at your home come for a tour of our factory at 265 Sutherland or call us at 204-940-3030.


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