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Sunrooms - Three of Four Season


With summer dwindling away, people considering the purchase of a sunroom may have certain questions. One being, should I purchase a three season or four season sunroom?

The most popular choice over the years has been the three season - for several reasons. If you enjoy the outdoors, nothing gives you the same feeling as a three season sunroom. Large expanses of glass and screen give you an unobstructed view, but there are other factors as well that add to that outdoor feeling. We primarily use clear glass as tinted glass changes how you view the outside, which takes away from the feeling of being outdoors.  Also, being constructed of glass, screen and aluminum, the room does not absorb moisture or odours, so unlike conventional construction not only does it look and feel like outside, it "smells" like outside.

You may not use your three season sunroom all year but it still provides benefits daily. In winter it provides energy savings, as it protects the house wall just like a storm door. Designed properly, the room will trap solar gain and be quite comfortable up to -10 to -15 (although most people tell us even colder than that).

Probably the biggest reason people chose a three season over a four season is cost. Not only are the initial savings quite substantial but the ongoing expenses of operating a there season room are virtually nil compared to a four season sunroom (that must be heated and cooled forever).

Hopefully this gives you a little insight but if you would like more information in order to determine which type of room works best for you, visit our display and factory at 265 Sutherland or call 204-940-3030 for a free in home estimate. Remember, the more information you have the better choices you will be able to make.


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