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Winnipeg Home & Garden Show 2017

Hello Readers: 

Well, its that time of year again! Hopefully, this warm weather sticks around and we see a lot of people at the Winnipeg Home and Garden Show at the Convention Centre (April 6th ,7th  ,8th  & 9th). 

As many people start planning their renovation projects, the timing couldn't be better, as we quickly approach our building season. Anyone wanting to check out new products or planning a renovation will find the Home and Garden Show the perfect venue - warm and inviting, with plenty of selection. 

If you're considering a sunroom addition, this is a great starting point, as there are usually several companies displaying their products at the show. Although shopping can be confusing (you may get different opinions and recommendations from different people) it is wise to go through this process in order to educate yourself about your purchase, ensuring satisfaction down the road. 

As people have been ordering sunrooms throughout the fall and winter, spring becomes very hectic (which pushes back delivery dates), so if you are wanting a sunroom soon, it's important to start your research as early as possible! 

Just remember to do your homework and take your time making a well educated, informed decision - no matter what! In the years to come you will not remember that you had to wait a little longer for the room of your dreams - but you will have regrets every day if you rush into a poor decision and find out later that it was the wrong decision!

For more info see us at the Home and Garden Show or call us at 204-940-3030 for a tour of Manitoba's largest sunroom factory!


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