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Wow - Very Interesting!

Wow - Very Interesting!!!!! 

November 2003, we installed a three season sunroom on our building for display purposes. From November 26th to May 1st (between noon and 3:00) we recorded the outside temperatures (with and without wind) and the temperature inside the sunroom. The results were quite amazing! Remember, there is no heat in this room other than solar gain. Also, for the number crunchers out there, you may notice the days don’t add up. That’s because we only did this Monday to Friday and not during holidays either. 

There were 29 days when the sunroom was 0 - 9 degrees C inside, 30 days when the room was 10 - 19 degrees inside and 32 days when the room was 20 degrees or warmer inside. From November 26 until May there were only 9 days when the inside temperature of this room dipped below 0. The coldest inside temperature was minus 7.5 degrees Celsius when the outside temperature was minus 39. Remember the day it was minus 47 degrees? The inside temperature came in at an astounding minus 1 which happened to be the biggest difference inside and out all year. The biggest difference inside and out (without a wind-chill) was on Jan. 30. when it was minus 31 outside and plus 5 inside, a whopping 36 degree difference.  Even days that you aren't using your three season sunroom it is still beneficial. That's why we recommend covering as many doors and windows as possible - they are typically heat loss areas in the winter and heat gain areas in the summer. 

My point is this - through proper design you can make that room very functional in the colder months (when the sun is low in the sky) but not too warm in the summer (when the sun is high in the sky) and that's why it is important to deal with someone who has the experience and capabilities to custom design your room. For a tour of our factory or to see the display visit us at 265 Sutherland. Sunrooms - not just for mosquitoes !

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