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Over 35 Years... and Not One Unsatisfied Customer!

A pretty strong statement to make, but true. Since the beginning we have taken pride in making our customers totally happy. From the initial meeting with our customers to the finished Sunroom, we always strive to meet their specific needs. We visit their home because every house is different and each Sunroom we build is designed and built specifically for that customer's own home or cottage. At times, we have even told customers to spend less than they planned simply because the more expensive room wasn't the proper one for their home - less money for us but a satisfied customer will guarantee referrals that offset that lesser selling price.

We always present potential customers with a vast amount of information to help in their purchasing decision. We tell them to talk to other companies (to get at least two or three quotes), and to ask them to visit Sunrooms we have built in their area and speak with the owners. Our past customers, it seems, tend to enjoy spreading the good word about how much our Sunroom has really made a difference in their lifestyle, how much they are enjoying it now, and how they, usually, wished they had purchased one sooner. Visits to our previous customers and what they have to say about our service and Sunrooms are ALL TOTALLY VOLUNTARY and at no time is any kind of remuneration paid - for their time or their endorsement of our product.

On occasion, a Sunroom we install may have some small wrinkle that needs extra attention. We always solve these problems and make the effort to be sure the customer Is completely satisfied. The relationship we have with our client is the most important thing. Our superior approach to quality control is built into each of our Sunrooms and benefits everyone - our customer enjoys a trouble-free, pleasurable time in their new living space and we know we have a satisfied, happy, customer who is usually a willing ambassador of our Sunrooms and "that is priceless".

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