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Glastar Sunrooms - Consumer Choice Award Winner!

We are very honored that Glastar Sunrooms has been voted by Manitoban's as the Consumer Choice Award Winner for 2018!  We cherish this award because it marks Glastar Sunrooms as the Customer's Choice as "Top Service Provider" in Sunrooms/Solariums.  We are [...] Read Entire Article

Sunrooms - Three or Four Seasons?

SUNROOMS...THREE or FOUR SEASON? With winter not too far away, people considering the purchase of a sunroom may have certain questions. One being, should I purchase a three season or four season sunroom? The most popular choice over the years has been the three season - for [...] Read Entire Article

Summers Here?

Summers Here???   With the late arrival of spring (hard to forget snow on the first of May) and all the rain, wind and cooler temperatures it is nice to get some warmer weather, even if it is a bit wet. The only downfall is that the combination of moisture and warm temperatures often creates [...] Read Entire Article

Here Today, Here Tomorrow... Means A Lot!

Here Today and Here Tomorrow... Really Means a Lot!  As our season gets busier and our fellows are out designing and estimating we have spoken to a lot of people who have concerns about who they should be dealing with. Over the past 36 years that we have been in business [...] Read Entire Article

A Case Study on Sunroom Temperatures

Wow - Very Interesting!!!!!   With the never ending winter and the poor weather we have been experiencing some of you might find the following information very intriguing.   November 2005, we installed a three season sunroom on our building for display purposes. From [...] Read Entire Article

Purchasing A Sunroom (Part 2)

Purchasing a Sunroom (Part 2)   Last article, tips were given about how to shop for a sunroom. In this issue I will cover the next step, the agreement.  A written contract protects both you and the company. It should be very detailed but also understandable. If you are unsure [...] Read Entire Article

Purchasing A Sunroom (Part 1)

Considering a patio enclosure or sunroom? The following tips should help you make an informed decision. Who should you deal with? Ask relatives, friends or even other companies you trust for recommendations. Visit Home Shows and/or consult the Yellow Pages Consider several [...] Read Entire Article

What is Floatation?

In a recent Sunday Homes Section a reader wrote in to the "Ask the Inspector" column with a question in regards to a floatation sunroom versus a piled sunroom. The author of the column went on to provide some good points about sunrooms built on a piled structure as well as sunrooms built on [...] Read Entire Article

Anopheles Gambiae!

The heading may look like a foreign language but it’s really a scientific name for a common pest we know as the mosquito - Spanish for little fly. Around for 300 million years with over 2700 different species, although most mosquitoes breed by laying their eggs in fresh or standing water [...] Read Entire Article

Sunrooms - More than Just a Sunny Place!

Over twenty years ago our family became involved with sunrooms in order to provide our customers with an "outdoor area" where they could escape the pesky mosquitoes. The extra time spent "outdoors" was just icing on the cake. Most Manitobans know how annoying mosquitoes [...] Read Entire Article

Getting Pricing

One of the first questions people interested in a sunroom ask is - how much? I tell people, it's unwise to pay too much but it's WORSE to pay too little! When you pay too much, you lose a little money ... that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the item [...] Read Entire Article

A History of Patio Enclosures

Although I have been involved in a family business that has been researching, developing, manufacturing, and installing patio enclosures and sunrooms for well over twenty eight years, it has only been in the past decade or so that the concept of having a sunroom has become very [...] Read Entire Article

Sunrooms - Get The Right Advice

In the 30 plus years I have been in the Sunroom industry I have seen close to twenty (possibly more) Sunroom companies come and go. Considering there is probably no other single project a homeowner can do that will give them so much enjoyment and satisfaction - why the high [...] Read Entire Article

Sunrooms - Why it is So Important They Float

When our family business first became involved the sunroom industry (over thirty-five years ago), our customers were often enclosing existing decks that were not on piles (concrete piers 12-16 feet in the ground). As these decks were usually set upon concrete blocks [...] Read Entire Article

Do it Now or Wait Until Spring

Throughout the summer I have endeavored to address issues and topics that people ask about in regard to sunrooms. At this time of year people often wonder - should I purchase a sunroom now or wait until spring? Although our biggest "rush" in sales occurs in the spring we [...] Read Entire Article
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