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Sunrooms Are Special Places

Recently, sunrooms have gained popularity and are a hot renovation idea but over thirty years ago when my family started in the industry, the primary goal was creating a mosquito free haven. As people became exposed to sunrooms they could appreciate them for more than a bug free environment. Like air conditioning once you have it you will never live without it again!
Besides a bug free area the biggest advantage is the extended outdoor living season. Typically a three season sunroom will be used from Feb./Mar. to Oct./Nov. with no additional heating costs. Rule of thumb - if you're getting sun on the glass YOU can use the room from minus 10 to minus 15. Last winter some customers informed us they used their sunroom at least a couple days every month. Some people think a sunroom facing south could be too hot in the summer but with the summer sun almost directly overhead you get the shade from the solid roof (overhead glass is not recommended unless you utilize expensive specialty glass). I've had friends not wanting to "close in" their decks who did not realize it was exactly like being outside (minus the hassles) until spending time in mine.

These sunrooms offer a beautiful outdoor environment providing additional home comfort by creating a "buffer zone" that can actually reduce heat bills as well as keeping the home cooler during summer. These tranquil living spaces are the perfect leisure rooms to enhance barbeque areas, dine in, and provide safe, secure areas for children or pets as well as being the "ideal oasis" for plants or seedlings. Because our sunrooms don't absorb smoke, odour or moisture, they remain fresh, healthy areas even for smokers and are perfect for hot tubs.

With all these benefits no wonder sunrooms increase your quality of life as well as your property value. For more information contact us at 940 3030 or visit Manitoba's sunroom factory at 265 Sutherland Ave.

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