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Sunrooms - Be Sure to do Your Homework

Today I'd like to discuss some issues that have been escalating throughout the years. Having pioneered the sunroom industry in Manitoba we have been in business substantially longer than anyone else. Naturally, people will look to us for solutions when they experience problems with a sunroom. While we are pleased to provide service to our past customers (it has been our policy not to Charge for service calls, even if the job is well past warranties), it is another matter altogether when it is someone else's product.

It is unfortunate that we don't have the time to service all these people (Remember that in the last 15 years there have been close to 20 sunroom companies come and go - most with different products), but with our short building season it is just too difficult to take our experienced men off our jobs to service someone else's product. Ironically, these rooms are often still on warranty - yet the consumer has been willing to pay us to fix it, as the company they were dealing with wouldn't or couldn't solve the problem.
Years ago we were servicing these people but it would often take as long to rectify someone else's problem(s) as it would for us to install one of our own rooms properly. The consumer (feeling ripped off already) would be somewhat hostile because they had to pay again, just to have it done properly. For us it was just a headache - the old adage still holds true - you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

The whole point is this - do your homework! Research the product and the company you intend to deal with. A lot of salespeople are like any of the politicians we just voted for - how many of them can actually deliver on all the promises they make!

It you would like honest, no-nonsense information contact us at 940-3030 or visit our factory at 265 Sutherland Avenue for a tour.

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