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Sunrooms - More than Just a Sunny Place!

Over twenty years ago our family became involved with sunrooms in order to provide our customers with an "outdoor area" where they could escape the pesky mosquitoes. The extra time spent "outdoors" was just icing on the cake.

Most Manitobans know how annoying mosquitoes are and that they can transmit certain diseases but few of us realize there is another menace every bit as dangerous, albeit less annoying, as the mosquito - the common house fly!

While doing some research I discovered some interesting (and startling) facts about the fly. Did you know?

  • Flies are one of the most prolific disease carriers and can cause Typhoid, Tuberculosis and other diseases known and unknown to man.
  • One fly can carry over 33 million disease causing micro organisms on the inner and outer surfaces of its body.
  • There are over 87,000 different fly species.
  • The fly is one of the fastest flying insects even though it can only see clearly from 24 - 36 inches.
  • Flies feed and reproduce on filth, decaying matter, water, and have even been known to lay eggs in live flesh (open cuts and sores).
  • One season can breed as many as 25 generations.
  • A fly can be dangerous even without biting as it can infect merely by landing on something.

Although our company hasn't been around as long as flies or mosquitoes we do have a longevity that is unmatched in the industry, over 26 years. If you would like to find out why contact us at 940-3030 or visit Manitoba's sunroom factory at 265 Sutherland Ave. (2 blocks west of Main St) for a tour. For now, I guess, I'll just "buzz" off !

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