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Sunrooms - Why it is So Important They Float

When our family business first became involved the sunroom industry (over thirty-five years ago), our customers were often enclosing existing decks that were not on piles (concrete piers 12-16 feet in the ground). As these decks were usually set upon concrete blocks they were susceptible to ground movement caused by fluctuation of the moisture in the soil. Decks as well as other structures are also prone to move as frost enters and leaves the soil. It is a well known fact that our "Manitoba gumbo" tends to move and shift more than most other types of soil conditions found in Canada. Unless you are piling down to bedrock (very expensive), there is no guarantee against movement.

Recognizing these facts we developed a system that would compensate for ground movement thereby eliminating any broken glass, twisted panels or pulling away of the structure where it joins the home. This "floatation system", as it is known, was tested and certified by independent engineers and then submitted to the City of Winnipeg engineers for approval. Once it had been approved for our "gumbo" it was a simple matter to get certified for the various provinces as well as some of the northern United States.

Not only does the "floatation system" ensure a beautiful, everlasting installation, it eliminates disrupting existing decks, fences and landscaping in order to get in the large machinery to dig the piles. It also eliminates the mess (piles of mud) and speeds up the installation (no concrete to cure). As a matter of fact the average job will take only two to three days to complete.

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