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Time in the Sun is Worth The Wait

Well, it seems summer has finally arrived! Talk about good timing - an interesting subject.

Recently, prospective clients asked how long it usually takes to install a sunroom. They had already done some shopping around and knew a zoning variance was required in their situation. Unfortunately, no one took time to explain the process or the time required another case of "get the order", worry about details later!

If a zoning variance is required ' allow 4 to 6 weeks for the variance to be reviewed and a poster issued (which must remain posted on site for 14 days). With no appeals, a building permit will be issued in 3 to 5 days (building permits are required for decks and sunrooms anywhere on your property). You can understand how people get alarmed when other "sources" tell them it will only take a "few" weeks for the entire sunroom installation

In most cases, a variance is not required and a complete installation usually takes from six to eight weeks (or sooner) but we don't like to promise something that may not be possible. Since our factory is located here in Winnipeg we can produce 1 to 3 sunrooms daily. Most installations can be completed by one of our crews in 1 to 3 days on site so why the wait? Because of our commitment to quality and honest approach with customers, our services are in high demand - the result - we have many installations already booked and each one must be completed (which takes time) - hence the delay.

The point is, if you want your installation done right, be prepared to invest some time. It is definitely worth the wait! If you are worried summer will be over before your sunroom is installed, remember you will have a longer summer and more time in the sun all year round, thanks to your sunroom.

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