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Not Just Mosquitoes

Although we haven't had many mosquitoes this summer, it has been replaced by another winged menace - the wasp! It seems they have been a little more prevalent lately and we’ve had to call in the exterminators a couple times already, so I decided to look up some facts on wasps. Our most [...] Read Entire Article

What Direction Do You Face?

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather we’ve had this week! On hot days, some people wonder how much would they use a three season sunroom, as some decks feel too hot now. Wouldn't a sunroom be even hotter? The answer is - yes and no. The two biggest factors in how warm a [...] Read Entire Article

A History of Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures

Although I have been involved in a family business that has been researching, developing, manufacturing and installing sunrooms for over 40 years, it has only been in the last 20 years that the concept of having a sunroom has become so popular. "Outdoor living" is [...] Read Entire Article

Here Today and Here Tomorrow... Really Means a Lot!

Happy Canada Day!! Midway through another busy season, we have spoken to many people who have concerns about who they should be dealing with. Being in business for over 40 years, we have seen many sunroom companies come and go, and have heard of numerous [...] Read Entire Article


Recently I overheard an interesting conversation between one of our designers and a client. He told the client that the sunroom he was considering was actually free! And he's right! How can a company stay in business by providing free products? Of course, we have to charge for our products [...] Read Entire Article
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