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Recently I overheard an interesting conversation between one of our designers and some potential clients. He was explaining that the sunroom they were considering was actually free! In a way, he is right! How can a company stay in business by providing free products? Like anybody else, we [...] Read Entire Article


With the start of October upon us you can tell Fall is here, especially with the leaves starting to drop and the cooler morning temperatures creeping in. With a late start this Spring and a somewhat rainy summer, I am hoping for a prolonged Fall season. Although many industries can be [...] Read Entire Article

Not Just Mosquitoes

We certainly had our fair share of mosquitoes this summer, but now it has been replaced by another winged menace - the wasp! After almost being stung several times the last few weeks (and knowing several people who have been stung), I decided to look up some facts on wasps. Our most [...] Read Entire Article

What Direction Do You Face?

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather we’ve had the last few weeks! With this warm weather some people wonder how much would they use a three season sunroom, as some decks are too hot now. Wouldn't a sunroom be even hotter? The answer is - yes and no. The two biggest [...] Read Entire Article

Busy, Busy, Busy !!!!!!

Although we are officially over a month away from the first day of Fall, it may seem strange to be talking about Spring now, but there is a reason. Every day, more orders come in as people get fed up with battling the weather and/or the bugs (mosquitoes in the wet years and wasps in the dry [...] Read Entire Article
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