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Recent News

Another Crazy Year!

As usual, it's been another busy year. We usually get started on full blown installations around the middle of April and this year was about normal. Once the snow melted enough for us to start working, we were pretty much able to stay on schedule. We often lose quite a bit of time to the [...] Read Entire Article

What is flotation?

In one of the Home Sections, a reader wrote in to the Ask the Inspector column with a question in regards to a flotation sunroom versus a piled sunroom. The author of the column went on to provide some good points about sunrooms built on a piled structure as well as sunrooms built on [...] Read Entire Article


With September three quarters over and the above average temperatures lately, it is hard to believe Fall is here. Weather wise we had a pretty regular start to the season and although we’ve had fewer rain delays than normal, we did have a few hot and extremely windy days that slow our guys down [...] Read Entire Article

Wow - Very Interesting!!!!!

Being in this industry for over 40 years, it's amazing how easy it is to take things for granted. I always knew it was nice to have a sunroom (my customers have been telling us for years) but after a little research I am even more convinced. November 2005, we installed a three season [...] Read Entire Article


People often assume that our busiest time of the year is the spring. While this may be true, the fall is not far behind, both for sales and installations. While installations are hectic in the spring (as we have so many jobs pre-booked), we never really slow down through summer and at this time [...] Read Entire Article
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