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Purchasing a Sunroom (Part 1)

Purchasing a Sunroom (Part 1)   Considering a patio enclosure or sunroom? The following tips should help you make an informed decision: Who should you deal with? Ask relatives, friends or even other companies you trust for recommendations. Visit Home Shows and/or consult the [...] Read Entire Article


THE IMPORTANCE OF FLOATATION   We normally start full blown installations the second week of April and this year we were about a week late due to the cold wet weather.  While the weather has been colder than normal, the soil conditions are also a little different this year. [...] Read Entire Article

Winnipeg Home & Garden Show 2017

Hello Readers:  Well, its that time of year again! Hopefully, this warm weather sticks around and we see a lot of people at the Winnipeg Home and Garden Show at the Convention Centre (April 6th ,7th  ,8th  & 9th).  As many people start planning their renovation projects, the [...] Read Entire Article

Fall Is Here

FALL IS HERE?! More than halfway through October, you can tell Fall is here, especially with most of the leaves gone and the cooler temperatures starting to creep in. Since the warm weather didn’t start real early this year and there was a fair bit of rain April and May, I am hoping for a [...] Read Entire Article

Crazy Weather

Crazy Weather  As the summer dwindles away our weather remains as unpredictable as ever. The dry summer has left us with quite dry soil conditions. This can cause movement in our soil which also causes problems in all kinds of structures. Being in the sunroom industry we get calls from people [...] Read Entire Article

Sunny Weather

Sunny Weather  With the nice sunny weather we've had lately, it may seem strange to be talking about winter now, but there is a reason. Every day we get more orders in as people get fed up with battling the bugs (if it's not the mosquitoes in the wet years, its the wasps in the dry years) and [...] Read Entire Article

Sunrooms - Three of Four Season

SUNROOMS...THREE or FOUR SEASON?  With summer dwindling away, people considering the purchase of a sunroom may have certain questions. One being, should I purchase a three season or four season sunroom? The most popular choice over the years has been the three season - for [...] Read Entire Article

Crunch Time!

CRUNCH TIME!  People often assume that our busiest time of the year is the spring. While this may be true (especially after the spring Home Show) the fall is probably not far behind both for sales and installations. While installations are hectic in the spring (as we have so many jobs [...] Read Entire Article

Not Just Mosquitoes

Not Just Mosquitoes  Although we haven't had many mosquitoes this summer, it has been replaced by another winged menace - the wasp! After several people I know were stung this week I decided to look up some facts on wasps. Our most common wasp is known as the yellow jacket.  Every [...] Read Entire Article

Odd Weather!

ODD WEATHER!  Even with the odd weather we're getting (sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny, hot and humid one day, cool the next), it may seem strange to be talking about winter now, but there is a reason. Every day we get more orders in as people get fed up with battling the mosquitoes and the [...] Read Entire Article

Wow - Very Interesting!

Wow - Very Interesting!!!!!  November 2003, we installed a three season sunroom on our building for display purposes. From November 26th to May 1st (between noon and 3:00) we recorded the outside temperatures (with and without wind) and the temperature inside the sunroom. The results [...] Read Entire Article

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day Weekend to all.  It’s nice to have the warm weather of late and we did need the rain that we’ve received the last couple weeks but the only downfall is that the combination of moisture and warm temperatures often creates conditions that are perfect for mosquitoes.  When [...] Read Entire Article

Free Sunrooms?

FREE SUNROOMS?  Recently I overheard an interesting conversation between one of our designers and a client. He told the client that the sunroom he was considering was actually free! And he's right!  How can a company stay in business by providing free products? Of course, we have to charge [...] Read Entire Article

What is Floatation

What is flotation?   In one of the Sunday Home Sections a reader wrote in to the Ask the Inspector column with a question in regards to a flotation sunroom versus a piled sunroom. The author of the column went on to provide some good points about sunrooms built on a piled structure as [...] Read Entire Article

Here Today and Here Tomorrow

Here Today and Here Tomorrow... Really Means a Lot! As our season gets busier and our fellows are out designing and quoting we have spoken to a lot of people who have concerns about who they should be dealing with. Over the past 39 years that we’ve been in business, many sunroom [...] Read Entire Article
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